Site Reliability Engineer / Production Gatekeeper

Bring cheaper and more reliable mobile Internet to everyone

Why the world needs our mobile connectivity exchange

Mobile connectivity is a scarce resource for most people. While it takes the average American about 30 minutes of work to afford 500 MB of mobile connectivity, it takes 40 hours for a Mexican citizen to afford the same thing. Mexico is representative of the rest of the world. Even outside of emerging countries, when people travel, they either have to pay roaming fees or face the friction of dealing with local carriers.

Something has to change in the telecom space, and our proposition is a unified exchange on which actors such as carriers, Mobile Virtual Network Operators, IoT providers, phone makers and many more can trade connectivity to drive prices down and enable new experiences for users and businesses. Our platform uses the Stellar blockchain to prove that every transaction made on our exchange is authentic.

More details in our whitepaper. Get in touch to get a copy.

Our stack

  • Microservices in Go deployed on AWS
  • Protobuf and gRPC for internal microservice interactions, REST when public-facing
  • Docker managed by Kubernetes for our microservices
  • Stellar blockchain for auditable, incorruptible transactions
  • Python and shell scripts for one-off operations
  • ELK stack for log aggregation
  • Monitoring with Zabbix, incident management with PagerDuty
  • Data Warehousing with Airflow & Superset
  • Multiple kinds of databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB

Our culture and team

  • We value diverse points of view and opinions
  • We are all empowered to make decisions as long as we document them…
  • … and we document as much as we can, for both current and new employees
  • Once a decision has been agreed upon, we work together in the same direction
  • We’re all engineers, including our CEO who’s led 3 startups into successful exits
  • Being a distributed team, some meetings are unavoidable but we understand the need for undisturbed focus
  • Being global, we all speak English well enough to communicate with one another. All our documentation is in English.

Still on the fence?

Our compensation is competitive and includes stock options and government benefits. All our engineers get a brand new MacBook Pro. Our offices are a place we enjoy sharing with our team. We all enjoy healthy snacks and provisions. We are a distributed team with headquarters in NYC and offices in Mexico City and Paris, so some travel is expected.

You will be part of the initial core team in a well-funded startup that is poised to redefine what wireless means for consumers. You will build the largest overlay network in the world.

Why we need you

Our SRE/Production Gatekeeper team sits at the intersection of quality, engineering, and support. It is responsible for guaranteeing the stability of our software products as well as enforcing high standards for releases. This team has ownership over approving or refusing new builds into Production. Once approved, they are responsible for the builds’ behavior. You are responsible for increasing the rate of delivery through automation while ensuring quality and stability through key indicators you defined. Your experience with the below will push us forward:

  • 5+ years of experience in at least two of
    • Quality assurance, software testing automation
    • Software development
    • Tech Ops, Production support
    • Hands-on release management and release orchestration
  • Evaluated and deployed and test frameworks
  • Linux container-heavy CI/CD pipelines
  • Automated testing frameworks
  • Experience guaranteeing high availability in fast-changing environments
  • The drive to automate menial tasks and build for the long term
  • Delivering self-service and highly repeatable releases


Contact us at to apply.