Microservices & Blockchain Software Engineer

  • Mexico City, Mexico

What it entails

Blank slate. We are starting from scratch and need to build it all. First, you will have to be an architect; create the blueprint for our services, picture how they will interact, and set principles for a highly-available, secure, fast and hyper-scalable mobile connectivity exchange. Once the thinking is done, now comes the building. Select the best tools and technologies for the job and start assembling bricks. Deploy it. Test it. Deploy it to production. Don’t do these last three steps more than a couple of times manually. Automate steps that would otherwise turn your day job into a boring remake of Groundhog Day. Start small, move fast but always have a plan for making it all better and bigger. This duty ranges across databases, programming languages, scripting, API authorization and authentication, monitoring, UX… We have much to build. It is a chance to get in at the ground level and make a big impact from technology stack selection to forming the company culture, while having fun and learning new tricks.

Who we are

OXIO is building an exchange that exposes simple methods and APIs for purchasing, trading, and provisioning mobile data access to networks (Cellular, Satellite, Wi-Fi, Peer-to-peer/Mesh) around the world. We ensure that users and devices are always best connected, stay connected wherever they go, and pay less for mobile data, all while helping carrier networks run more efficiently. It will enable a new wave of innovation in the mobile telecom space.

We’re a distributed organization, headquartered in New York City with a global Engineering / R&D offices in Paris and Mexico.

Everyone has a technical background - from the CEO down, everyone has written production code and value engineering work. Come armed with the best technical argument and you will win. We’re also a data-driven, fun-loving, perfection-seeking, open and tolerant bunch dedicated to our mission.

The management team is experienced and proven, having built and successfully exited multiple startups in the telecom space over the past 2 decades.

Who we are looking for

The team at OXIO wants to iterate fast, build the product we have in mind and become better technologists in the process. Senior or not, we are looking for people who can demonstrate autonomy, critical thinking and stand-alone decision making. We work in a distributed fashion, we all rely on each others to be leaders. We need colleagues who can go deep in their reasoning: investigate, explore, research, fail and try again, come back with findings and educate peers. Hence we also need you to be able to articulate technology principles and technological choices. We want someone who’s made wrong choices in the past and learned from them. We do not believe in gurus and flawless track records.

We are also looking for people who are not exactly like us. We value diversity: a world of clones would be dull and short-lived, we need critical thinking and perpendicular views and opinions. The only requirement is to fit within our culture and be respectful of others. In short, if you’re a diva, don’t bother.


Basic qualifications

  • Object-oriented development
  • Principles of distributed and microservice architectures and their challenges
  • Interest in Blockchain technologies
  • Familiar with UNIX-like environments
  • Fluent in English

Preferred qualifications

  • Work experience in Golang
  • Experience with scripting languages such as Shell, Python, etc.
  • Cloud architectures and Infrastructure-as-code
  • API maintenance
  • Hands-on experience with blockchain-related development, smart contracts
  • Experience with Protobuf/gRPC
  • Happy to travel to another continent up to once a month


Contact us at jobs@oxio.com to apply.