OXIO is a mobile data access exchange providing simple methods and APIs for gaining instant access to most mobile networks around the world. This ensures that users and devices are always best connected, stay connected wherever they go, and pay less for mobile data, all while helping carrier networks run more efficiently.

The future of mobile connectivity will be demand-driven and dynamic. With devices constantly swimming in a sea of connectivity, being locked in to a single network is a thing of the past. Devices can be connected to the best network at any time, anywhere in the world — their needs can be pooled together to take advantage of volume pricing or excess network capacity reported in real-time. This reduces connectivity cost up to 80% for users and IoT devices, while making networks more profitable. Mobile data plans are now unconstrained: mobile data is not tied to a specific supplier and can be freely exchanged between users and devices, redeemable instantly on any network, or even lent or borrowed in a peer-to-peer fashion.

This is the vision OXIO enables with its mobile connectivity exchange — reducing cost and friction, so that the next 4 billion people and 25 billion IoT devices can be active, consistent participants in the digital economy, while ensuring that connectivity suppliers benefit directly.


Nicolas Girard
Nicolas Girard


  • Founder/CTO at Aquto (Acquired late 2017)
  • Founder & President at Attila (Acquired late 2011)
  • Research Scientist at Stevens Institute
  • Security Expert for the DST/DGSE (France’s NSA)
  • Authored 20+ patents. 2010 New Jersey Hall of Fame's Inventor of the Year
Pierre Steckmeyer
Pierre Steckmeyer


  • Solutions Architect (AoD containers) at Amazon Web Services
  • VP, Trading Support at Credit Suisse & JPMorganChase
  • Early crypto-investor
Jason Evans
Jason Evans


  • VP & Head of Ad Platforms at Fastly. Founder/CEO at StackPop
  • VP Ops & Infrastructure at MediaMath
  • VP Ops at Panther Express (now China Net Center)
  • Engineering at Gerson Lehman Group
  • Research Engineer at Stevens Institute

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